Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why so quiet?

So here is my problem.

I really do enjoy SWTOR... as part of a group. I currently lack a group.

I'm a TORtanic* survivor.

At the moment, my guild has wandered over to D3, so I'm giving the captains of privacy invasion Blizzard another shot. Oh, we still run our ops, and rock the weeklies. But the other six nights, voice chat is filled with the hilarity of giving hardcore characters a try, but dying to (short list) trees, lag, "omg lasers", "did you vendor your potions?"...

Good times.

I'll be back to SWTOR shortly. Jedi get all uppity without a culling. I'll confess that I'm slightly worried about the possibility of searching for another guild / server. But I'm hopeful that things at SWTOR will resume their previously scheduled awesomeness.

*Side note: for all the play "TORtanic" gets on blogs... there isn't enough volume to chart searches for the word on google insight. Searching for "SWTOR Dagobah" - a planet not even in the game - yields four times as many results (166k vs 42k). "SWTOR 1.3" gives over 10x as many results.


  1. Same here, don't feel bad. My entire officer corps is off vacationing in Sanctuary. I've been so bored that I've actually resubbed to WoW (to lure more WoWers over to SWTOR, of course!) and tried out the TOR PVP (which I am enjoying to an unhealthy degree).

  2. How was your server affected by the transfers? How has that affected your playing?

    1. We got a best-case scenario: we're on a destination server. Overnight, we went from ghost town to near-MMO status!

      Thing is... it isn't bringing our guild back together. The consensus is that there isn't enough variety in endgame content. Most of us are still playing Diablo. A few gave The Secret World beta a try. Most are looking forward to TL2, Rift's expansion, and GW2.