Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Days of SWTOR Screenshots: Environments

One day, I looked out my ship's windows, and I saw a fleet warp past.  It was magical, to see the fleet just meander across my view.

So I took to staring out every window. And then looking at the skies.

This video is my poor attempt to communicate a bit of the wonder I feel in those moments. I wandered across the galaxy with my characters, capturing video of some lovely in-game locations. I've combined those videos, speeding up the playback.

(Oh!  If anyone out there regularly does youtube videos, please comment, let me know what to do better. First time posting to youtube.  And sorry for doing the days out of order - I got all inspired and stuff.)


Music: Kopeika by (et).
Dune Sea (28x)
Imperial Fleet Lightside Vendor (28x)
Nar Shaddaa (8x)
Hutta (32x)
Coruscant (16x)
Voss (64x)
Corellia (8x)
Imperial Fleet Bankers (32x)
Tatooine Balloon (38x)
Explosive Conflict (8x)


  1. Don't worry about the order; I'm glad that you felt inspired!

    That video is very dreamy. I never thought that anyone could make Hutta look pretty...

    1. Oh phew.

      Because getting a screenshot of my class story requires leveling a character. Apparently I didn't take pictures of cutscenes while leveling.