Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Customer Service Droids

Consider this post to be a little letter of support for a positively wonderful blogger.

Long story, well, still pretty long: Battlechicken recently posted some experience appealing a one-week ban from SWTOR for 'use of an unauthorized Third Party Program'. Trouble is: the email didn't mention which program is a violation of the TOS, so there is no way to understand what caused the ban / how to fix the problem. What is even worse: despite repeated calls / emails, customer service is just replying with automated responses.

Shame on you, CS droids.

Much like Screaming Monkeys, I hope someone at Bioware can stop and take a moment to look into the case, apologize to Battlechicken, and resolve the issue. They've got a great community of devs... so it'd be a shame for the automated bots in customer service to reflect poorly on that.

UPDATE:: Bioware contacted Battlechicken, apologized, and reinstated the account. It also looks like they're reevaluating their policies on how they contact players. Horray for positive change!