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For non-comment-y stuff, this blog now comes with an email address! Whether its to say hi, point me toward a different question, ask for the data I'm using,... or just any of a million things I can't even think of, I love email.
inquisitive [dot] myths [at] gmail [dot] com

The Player: about Mythbusting
SWTOR: A very long time ago, there was a curious Jawa who found a Rakata relic buried on Tatooine. Being that strange combination of insane and brilliant and brave that drives most scientists (or just phenomenally stupid), the Jawa set about experimenting on the artifact. Ultimately, she decided to eat it. Poof. Transmuted into a twi'lek who was strong in the force. Shenanigans ensued.

GW2: Mythbusting was transported to Tyria by a portal through The Mists after drunkenly mentioning to Balthazar that he was "kind of an armchair general with all the fashion sense of a cactus." As punishment, Balthazar transformed Myth into an Asura. Dude has no sense of humor. Anyway, jokes on him. Cacti don't do well under flamethrowers.

Rift: The multiverse being what it is, part of Mythbusting landed on Telara in the shockingly-normal form of a human rogue. She is currently taking a break from Rift, but keeps up on the news.

The Blogger: about the player behind Mythbusting
Like my characters, I'm a tinkerer. My desk often has various electronic parts from projects... well, I can't remember what half of them were for, originally.

I'm someone who is passionate about data. I sincerely believe data is beautiful, and opens up new and amazing ways to wonder about the world. I view it as another way to play, whether professionally (its what I do) or with MMOs (the way I unwind).

I started this blog as a way to share my love of data, and some of the curious stuff I find. Its also nice to pick up a project, and have some reasonable insights after an hour or two.

Random bits:
- I want to know how they calculated 33.333% (repeating of course).