Thursday, May 3, 2012

That's no thread...

This week's feedback request is definitely a poll in disguise:
"What planet in the Star Wars universe do you want to see in Star Wars: The Old Republic that is not currently in the game?" (source)
Hmf... I want to see the breakdown of responses too!

I collected all the words used on the first 67 pages in response to the thread, and searched them for the just over 3600 planetary entries in the Star Wars universe listed on Wookiepedia. This gave approximately 1700 recognizable suggestions for planets from 670 different posters.*

Voting early and often, huh?

Here are the votes, as either a count of planetary mentions or weighted by the number of planets listed by a poster (ie, mentioning two planets gives each half a vote, three planets gives each a third... etc). I've also dropped planets that got less than three mentions (another 71 planets).

Be sure to click to enlarge!

I love that Kashyyyk is at the top of the list - the vertical element could really add a ton of fun to SWTOR questing. I'd love to play with a charge or updated MGGS to move through the trees. A jetpack to ease the concerns of heights and pvp would be pretty fun, too.

Old KOTOR favorites (?) seem to make it to the top of the list - like Dantooine or the aquatic planet Manaan. I have to confess, I'm not a huge fan of aquatic combat in MMOs: that also disqualifies the highly-ranked Naboo from selection. Ditto with Mon Calamari... which might win the contest for the most comic name on the list.

I'm a bit shocked that Dagobah didn't make it higher than #11. Training sequence daily quests? Lift a drowned fighter from the muck. Now jog through the bog while carrying a muppet. The cave alone would be a phenomenal flashpoint / daily quest.

Though, I'm a bit surprised that the devs polled the audience on this one. The SWTOR universe has so much awesome in it, I'd figure they'd just run with whatever idea geeked them the most.

*Just a simple search with some corrections for basic spelling mistakes (Kashyyyk has 3 ys) / abbreviations. While its possible to map "wroshyr trees" to Kashyyyk / account for feedback that looks like "meesa not a fan of Gungans"... I'm mostly interested in the infamy of a planet.


  1. I'm partial to Kamino myself. Can't give a really good reason other than that it really impressed me when I first saw it in Episode 2.

    What's with all the mentions of planets that are already in the game? I assume they are actually from people making comparisons. ("Anything but another city world like Coruscant or Nar Shadaa" or something like that?)

    1. Several are comparisons ("another pvp planet like Ilum"), but most were either desires to see opposite-faction planets (explore Dromund as Republic) or requests for specific content on those planets (return to those planets at 50 with fresh content / add a zone-based warzone).

      Oooh, the Kaminoans (?) were visually stunning. If they're already into cloning, Kamino would make for an awesome 'waves'* type quest, where hordes of weak clones attack and - per SW clone rules - can't hit the broad side of a barn.

      *water planet joke intended