Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three Months in Review

Its been three months already? Seriously? Woah.

Kristalys and Shintar did thoughtful and insightful three month reviews, which got me to thinking about my time in SW:TOR.

It has been quite the roller coaster.

I started as a tank, and went powertech, since I really love block tanks, and all that shielding seemed the most block-y. It was fantastic to level, but not a great fit for endgame. They're cool in their own way, but I felt too much like a foozeball.

I'm much happier as a sorc.

They have to be the most visually stunning class in game. Their lightning is iconic and beautiful and makes me giggle with glee. I love the combination of burst and mobility from the hybrid spec I'm running. Its also the first time I've ever fallen in love with the gameplay of a caster in an MMO. This makes everything just that more new and exciting.

The simple act of rerolling to a better fit made me love the game anew. It has made operations positively joyful in a way that SWTOR's taking just wasn't. I look forward to running a flashpoint, even though there is no chance of loot. Oh, and I've become a huge fan of dailies. And I pvp'd my way to Battlemaster (before they made it so much easier). Finding my gameplay fit made the game much much more fun.

I'm truly blessed to have such supportive and patient guildmates, to tolerate the reroll.

While I love the gameplay, I'm not a big fan of my sorc's personality. I know my bounty hunter and her companions much better than the sorc and her crew. I also like them more, and feel like they've accomplished more in the galaxy. As her story unfolded, my BH grew and developed with her story, matching its ever-increasing awesomeness. My sorc's personality... well, it stagnated with the relatively flat inquisitor story. I haven't quite got a feel for her, which is something I really need.

I hope to work that out, and to get a better sense of my sorc, with time.

I've also noticed that the story is a bit disjointed in the game, but more on that in another post.

I'm slowly working through the other class stories. I positively dread logging onto the sniper, so its collecting dust. Stopping before combat plus long cast times isn't my idea of fun gameplay (not exactly a Han Solo / Chewie). But the operative? On my, she is the hilarious destroyer of everything. Whatever she touches just explodes. And she is even more wicked in pvp. I plan to level her to 50 so I can have a more malevolent option.

Please, try and run. It'll make her day. Before she nukes your city and kills your entire race. Why? Because you were there.

Mostly, though, I'm kept busy with dailies, and ops, and then the odd bit of alt leveling or game mechanic tinkering. I've also been bitten with the desire to collect all the synthweaving patterns, which makes for a ton of GTN trips. The crafting army is mostly finished, aside from my lack of motivation to make an armstech. Go figure. But I do have 7 busy slicing characters.

Overall: some really fun times in game.

Don't get me wrong, I could easily write a darker "bugs and annoyances in the past three months" post. But I really do trust that they've got good people on the dev team who are ironing those problems out (Daniel and Georg are brilliant, to say the least).

And those bugs aren't what I remember of the past three months. I remember friends, and jokes, and ops, and drunken rancor jousting. I remember pvp, and lightning, and stunning folks in fire. I remember my BH's story arc, and my ever-growing fondness for her crew and their quirks.

Good times indeed.

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