Monday, February 27, 2012

PvP server population

Hazards of reading cool stuff on the internet.

Sometimes, I get inspired to do things.  Absurd, fun, crazy things.

Case in point: I read a post by Dulfy on PvE server population and balance.  She created two level 1 characters on each server and used the /who list to record the population numbers on six planets plus the fleet during prime time on each server (6:30-10:30 EST for East Coast servers and 6:30-10:30 PST for West Coast servers).

I just had to know what the data looked like for PvP servers.

Four hours later...

These charts replicate the server pop / balance data presented by Dulfy.
- PvP/RP-PvP server pop ranking by
- PvP/RP-PvP server Imperial::Republic Ratio
- PvP/RP-PvP server Ilum Ratio
- PvP/RP-PvP server pop ranking by planet

NOTE:  to aid comparisons, I've added The Harbinger, a pve server.

In a follow-up post, I'll extend some of this analysis and comment on how reliable I think these numbers are.

PvP/RP-PvP server pop ranking
 PvP/RP-PvP server pop ranking (West Coast)

 PvP/RP-PvP server pop ranking (East Coast)
PvP/RP-PvP server Imperial::Republic Ratio
PvP/RP-PvP server Imperial::Republic Ratio on Ilum
PvP/RP-PvP server pop ranking
Note:  this chart includes information on additional planets I didn't use above (to match Dulfy's data)
For the extra geeked:  data here
(For the data - I ran page 'SWTOR pop' on Friday and 'sample 2' on Saturday.  Several servers were re-sampled, and the numbers on the side are me getting the fleet sums correctly.  I know documentation makes the data, so definitely ask if its confusing.  Just ask.)

As always, let me know if I missed anything.

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