Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Companion Affection from Dailies

Ashara at just about her normal level of usefulness.

With 1.2 bringing amazingly awesome bonuses for completing companion storylines, I've been busy getting the crafting army to 10k affection. Khem (my leveling buddy) was a cakewalk. Talos and Xalek were easy to talk up (500 affection for a single quest?  rockstar!).

And then there is Ashara.

Call it a bug, a feature, or a quirk, but she never gave me more than half the expected bonus from companion gifts. Which gets pricey.

So I brought her along on my Ilum and Belsavis daily runs, and kept note of which options gave her affection. Somehow, I thought this would be less work / more fun than actually listening to the quest text for the 50th time..

The table below lists the daily quests on each planet, and for each companion (select the tabs) the conversation option that gives the most affection.

Note: I didn't run the 4-man dailies multiple times, so I don't have their return dialogue options filled in.

Haha!  Just a few days of destroying a stealth-army and my pseudo-fallen jedi companion will have to like me!

Sith Warriors can find a similar resource here.

I haven't found anything for other classes, but will update if I find it.


  1. Hello. I completed 2 daily quests today on Ilum for Affection with Xalek, but instead of 104 Affection-per-quest i got only 58 Affection-per-quest.

  2. Hm. Did they update companion affection / quests in the last year? I haven't really logged into SWTOR for ages...

    Good to know, though!