Sunday, May 11, 2014

[GW2] I'm an undying star!

Myth of Ragnarok has finished exploring Tyria - including the world versus world maps - without dying!

This journey was an absurd amount of fun. The game felt much more alive with megaservers. I feel genuinely connected to my character. We've been through a struggle together, and endured. It definitely kept me motivated to play GW2 during this lull between Living Story seasons.

Orr, surprisingly, wasn't as big of a challenge as I'd expected.

Straits of Devastation was straightforward. (Can puns kill?) The only hiccup was the Lightfoot Passage vista. I saw player after player fall to their deaths on the vista, and psyched myself out. I had to swap to another warrior to practice the jumps before continuing on my hardcore character.

Malchor's Leap was once my least-favorite zone. Apparently, Orr isn't so bad without risen. We owned the temples, which made completing the skill challenges trivial. Champions were instantly killed by roving hordes of players. Even the chicken events were instantly completed. Megaservers may lead to the extinction of the risen. I'm fine with that.

But what to do next?

I love this character. Playing without the trading post has breathed new life into the game. I'm enjoying the challenge of completing content without dying. I like that my character is deliberately undergeared (self-found equipment only) since it gives me a sense of progression. And I don't want to abandon the character at the end of a jumping puzzle somewhere.

So I've decided to find new challenges to tackle.

Next up:

  • Full exotics without dying or relying on vendors / the trading post. I'll gear up via the new world boss schedule and maybe a champion train or two (ewww). The yellow weapons I loot will get thrown into the mystic forge in the hopes of getting some shiny level 80 exotics.
  • Achievement hunting: I'm going to get some more experience by finishing progessing my slayer and weapon master achievements.

Once I'm fully-geared, I'll go back and finish the personal story - including Arah! - without dying.


EDIT:  Or... I'll die to underwater combat.  Le Sigh.


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